Beetroot and Chocolate CupCakes!

Beetroot and Chocolate CupCakes! What a combination!

A little healthy and a little naughty.

These cupcakes were filled with the nutritional value of beetroot, raw caster sugar, dark chocolate and eggs. And unfortunately the bad aka a standard cupcake mixture with a few extra bits.

On a scale of 1 (awful) to 10 (great) I would rate this recipe a 9 out of 10.

The texture was light and fluffy. The colour was deep red, which almost resembled a red velvet cupcake. The smell was AMAZING- it was like sweet and savory, almost like a muffin. The chocolate icing on top of the cupcake gave it that extra bit of sweetness which I loved.

So where did the recipe lose 1 point? The taste of the beetroot was a little to strong (for me personally). However whoever tried my cupcakes said that the taste wasn’t that strong. So it was probably just me.


Also finely grating 3 beetroot bulbs took a while. If I were to make these delicious cupcakes again (highly likely) I think I would try the food processor. Saving myself some time

Capture1 Capture5 Capture7


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