It’s competition time!

So I have decided to enter my first cake decorating competition through the Cake, Bake and Sweets show 2015. 

The event is held annually and is located at Melbourne’s convention and exhibition centre between the 23rd-25th of October.

I’ve entered the novelty cake category and the theme is ‘Anything goes’. So in summary my cake can be themed as anything but it cannot look like a cake. 

So how hard could it be to think of a theme for the competition? 

I’ve been overwhelmed by friends and family suggesting different ideas. Many have suggested to design a cake that’s similar to my area of work- including an amputated leg!! 

I am still open for ideas but I think I might do my cake based on a fairytale theme. 

I figured this type of cake can be open for interpretation as well as being bright and colourful. 

I made a miniature Gnome on a mushroom as an idea to consider for the competition. He was a rushed job so his face does look a little funny (especially his nose). I’m thinking I might try to re use the mushroom and put a fairy on top instead. 

Please stay tuned to see what else I make  



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