It’s Christmas time

Hello everyone!

So it’s that time of year again.

I started off my Christmas session making these delicious cupcakes

2015-11-30 20.59.58

The cupcake flavour is Choc Cherry. These are by far one of my favourite flavoured cupcakes I’ve made. They taste like Cherry Ripe with a touch of Redskin.

Not only was the flavour great but by cooking them at a lower temperature for a longer period of time they stayed nice and moist. (I cooked these in a fan forced oven set at 140 degree Celsius for a period of 25-30 minutes- the cupcakes I’ve previously baked have been cooked at 180 degree Celsius for 12 minutes).

Buttercream was used to ice my cupcakes. With the Reindeer cupcakes I added Cocoa to the mix to give it the light brown colour.  The Red nose was made from M&Ms and the antlers were made using Pretzels.

2015-11-30 20.58.26

The Christmas trees used the left over buttercream from the Reindeers but I added green icing colour (the same colouring I use to colour my fondant). Then I piped the buttercream onto the Cupcake giving it a Christmas tree look. I then added sprinkles for the Christmas decorating feel.

2015-11-30 20.53.10

These Cupcakes were a success at work with many positive complements on the taste. My family also loved the taste and decorations.

Thanks for reading and stayed tuned for more X-mas treats