My Floral Cake for the Cake Expo 2016

Hello everyone!

What an exciting weekend it has been!

The Cake Expo has come to an end and I thought I would share my experience with how my cake came to be (similar to my previous blog about my Gnome cake for the Cake Bake and Sweet show)


So for the Cake Expo I had the choice of entering the One Tier, Two Tier, Three plus Tier, Novelty Cake or Cup Cake tower Category. Seeing as I did Novelty for my Gnome cake I thought I would give the One Tier Category a try.

So brainstorming time. I wanted something colourful yet simple, so I thought nothing would be better than to make a one tiered cake with some beautiful flowers on top of the cake. Also after participating in many flower making classes using fondant I thought I would be able to master my technique and produce and amazing looking cake.

The two weeks leading up to the cake expo was a nightmare! Almost every day was in the high 20 or 30s and every cake decorator knows that fondant melts in the hot weather and that it is extremely difficult to work with! However with the A/C on high and a fan going I managed to endure!


Without revealing to many of my cake decorating secrets with this post, this is what my work station (aka mum’s kitchen table) looked like every night. It was crazy hot!

The pictures above are just a few snap shots of myself making my petals for the sugar flower and assembling my rose petals. All these components dried for 3-4 days before I assembled them (when the weather is not so hot usually 2-3 days)

In the days that I was waiting for all my flowers to dry I assembled my cake. Again my cake wasn’t a real cake. It was just a poly 8 inch covered in foil and then covered in fondant twice to make it beautiful and smooth.


I also made some different shaped leaves that I added in-between my flower arrangement on my cake. I let these dry for just 1 day just incase I needed to move or change their shape.


The final result. Absolutely beautiful!


To view a 360 degree on my cake please visit my YouTube Channel Bindi’s Cake Decorating YouTube Channel or click the link below

Thanks for the opportunity to participate in the Cake Expo!

Drawing (1)

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My Gnome Cake for the Cake Bake & Sweets show

Hello all!!

So the show has come to an end and I thought I’d share my experiences of participating in the ‘Art of Cake Challenge” presented by Loyal.

From my previous post, “It’s competition Time” you all read the details about the show. And from my posts on Facebook and Instagram you saw that I chose to do the Gnome as my Cake.

The Gnome was a great first novelty cake for a beginner like myself. He was challenging yet rewarding, and even though I didn’t win anything at the show, I am grateful for this experience and what I gained from participating in it. I am also looking forward to my next cake competition where I will hopefully produce an ever better (more detailed) cake that I know the judges are looking for.

In detail I’ll show you below how the Gnome came to be.

Photo 1: Let’s get carving


That’s the big secret. That Cake didn’t actually have to be a cake, it only had to replicate a Cake.

So my Mushroom was an 8inch cake that I curved into a mushroom shape. Carving the polystyrene made an absolute mess! Vacuum cleaner was on the ready.

Once it was in shape I covered it in foil

Photo 2: Cover up the poly


Covering the poly with foil ensured that polystyrene wouldn’t go everywhere, but also the fondant sticks better to foil (well so I’m told, I don’t actually know if that’s true or not and I wasn’t willing to try it out on this cake).

Photos 3 and 4: Add the fondant to the mushroom.

Capture3 Capture4

It was important that I put the fondant on the stalk of the mushroom first for 2 reasons. One, the fondant is white. If i had used the red fondant first there would be a chance that the red might have accidentally got mixed into the white. And Two, the fondant on the stalk had to harden and set before the Mushroom top could sit on it. The marks on the stalk were done using some of my fondant tools. I simply applied pressure and added the lines.

Photos 5 and 6: And the Gnome begins

Capture5 Capture6

The body of the gnome is made up of 2 polystyrene balls stacked on top of one another (sorry forgot to take a picture but I was in the zone). The base of the body (the bottom poly) was covered in yellow to match his legs.

An addition poly ball was used for the head. I covered the ball in a skin coloured fondant with his cheeks also made from fondant.

The legs were then attached, then his feet and then the jacket was draped over the top- giving it that free flowing look.

The last thing to attach to the body was his beard. For me it was almost near impossible. The weight of the beard meant that it kept falling from his face. Each time I attached it, it came off. Each approach I took just was not working for me and I was very close to just giving up!

After walking away for a while I decided to have another go where everything came together!!

Finally all i had to do was add his arms, nose, eyes and hat. Making sure everything stayed where I wanted I added addition supports from objects I had near by

Photo 7: The Gnome is finally done.


Now the Gnome was done it was time to concentrate on the surroundings.

Photo 8:


I covered a 50cm board with white fondant (let it set for a couple of days).

I then added all the additional features like the flowers around the stalk of the mushroom, the rocks at the rear, and another small mushroom at the front.

This wasn’t enough so I decided to add some grass. This still wasn’t enough.

Photo 9: He is almost done


I then sprayed the base with green. This looked great! But it was still missing that extra something. Using some additional help I got my partner to photoshop a few different backgrounds that I could apply to my Gnome. I suggested leaves, pebbles and different colours to the green but the leaves came up on top

Photo 10: The Gnome cake is complete!


The extra leaves at the bottom really made the cake!

I added some additional butterflies and glitter (of course). He was done- FINALLY!

I was very happy with my cake. I even took a couple of selfies at the show (with the help from mum)

Capture12 Capture13

It’s competition time!

So I have decided to enter my first cake decorating competition through the Cake, Bake and Sweets show 2015. 

The event is held annually and is located at Melbourne’s convention and exhibition centre between the 23rd-25th of October.

I’ve entered the novelty cake category and the theme is ‘Anything goes’. So in summary my cake can be themed as anything but it cannot look like a cake. 

So how hard could it be to think of a theme for the competition? 

I’ve been overwhelmed by friends and family suggesting different ideas. Many have suggested to design a cake that’s similar to my area of work- including an amputated leg!! 

I am still open for ideas but I think I might do my cake based on a fairytale theme. 

I figured this type of cake can be open for interpretation as well as being bright and colourful. 

I made a miniature Gnome on a mushroom as an idea to consider for the competition. He was a rushed job so his face does look a little funny (especially his nose). I’m thinking I might try to re use the mushroom and put a fairy on top instead. 

Please stay tuned to see what else I make